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Fine Textiles for Wearing Your Little Ones

Wander around and make yourself at home. And if you have any questions, drop us an email.

KoKaDi Ahoi (100% Cotton)

Who doesn't love Ahoi? It is a super fun and whimsical wrap. We love it on our hou...

Details $170.00

KoKadi Amor

Amor ♥ personally came down to us from the heights of the clouds and spread his irr...

Details $160.00

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Come check out our new blog!

We have decided to switch over to a different blog format, that will allow you to easily find the information throughout our blog. You can find us here at Marsupial-mamas.blogspot.com.  Here you'll be able to find reviews on your favorite wrap brands, search for local babywearing groups and much more.

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Marsupial-Mamas, what to expect with your woven wrap?

Welcome to the babywearing world. If this is your first wrap purchase or your 50th, I'm sure that number is low for some as well, this will help you when you get a wrap new or from the swap to tell you what is in a expected normal range for a wrap and what is unsafe.     Woven wraps are simply a long piece of fabric that is used to wrap your baby to...

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KoKadi Black Rainbow Stars (100% Cotton)

Another lovely KKD Stars in a black warp!  Fabric: 100% cotton, bonded weave Weight:...

Details $160.00

KoKadi Blue Zebra

Blend: 100% Cotton Released: 11th June 2013 The kokadi Avantgarde line represe...

Details $190.00

KoKadi Elyas Mother (100% Cotton)

  This baby wrap is special due to its unique design and beautiful color combination...

Details $150.00

Kokadi Erna in Wunderland (Cotton Blend)

  Erna im Wunderland.  The sibling to Leam. This wrap is quite similar, but the pink...

Details $155.00

Kokadi Magic Dots (Cotton Blend)

Points, points.. and yes: points! For this baby wrap we make black to white , or vic...

Details $170.00

KoKadi Marine (100% Cotton)

Marine is a fun wrap in a beautiful color palette.  Red and white sail boats journey...

Details $160.00

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