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Archive: Didymos India Holi (Linen Blend)

Sold out.

Elephants, Pfauen, Oh My! This is another fabulous India release from Didymos. 

The Indian celebration of Holi is a spring festival that celebrates the end of winter and the colors and warmth of spring. Holi is a wild and raucous event with celebrants throwing brightly colored powders on one another. It is time for happiness, joy, and fertility.

This is a jacquard weave woven in deep red cotton threads and light blue linen threads

50%  Cotton

50% linen

Release Date: 7 May 2013

The India Holi that we are carrying at MM are the wraps that are from the reweave woven specifically for Birdie's room. The colors in the swatches above are from the first run released by Didymos (on the same day, no less. Nothing like making it a tad confusing).  

The reweave from Birdie's Room will be quite similar to the swatch above, but the red will be a couple of shades darker. The linen will still be a turquoise blue color. I have also heard that the reweave is lighter in weight than the original run, but not overly so. 

Linen does take a bit more work to break in compared to cotton or thinner silk wraps. I tend to wash my Didy linens in a warm wash, air dry until damp and then tumble on warm in the dryer. I also give them a good steam iron. This (and of course wrapping) will all help to break in your wrap. 

One of the advantages of linen is that if offers fabulous support and tends to be good for wrapping larger babies and toddlers. It is also a fiber that is more breathable and is typically good for wearing in warmer weather.