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Archive: Natibaby Orchid Morea (Linen Blend)

By Natibaby

was $190.00

Sorry, this product is sold out! If this item interests you please email Jilliane@marsupial-mamas.com to see if we can request another one just for you.

Orchids has become part of the standard Natibaby canon. It is a lovely design with graceful orchids gently swaying across the body of the wrap. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in steel grey and ecru threads. The color on this one is a little hard to capture. It has a steely light lavender look to it as opposed to steel grey or blue. It's a lovely neutral. 

70% cotton

30% linen 

Release date: 9 September 2013

This feels like standard Natibaby linen: pretty heavy and thick. It has a somewhat less dense weave so while it is indeed heavy, it has an airier weave to it.  As with typical Nati linen wrap, it will berather unwieldy brand new, but it should break in to be a wonderfully soft, thick wrap.  It does take some work to break in the thicker linen wraps, but it is well worth the effort. Natibaby linen wraps are know for becoming buttery soft, but providing amazing support for toddler and big kids. If it is thick, it will be a solid, workhorse wrap and should be perfect for conversions.

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