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Marsupial-Mamas, what to expect with your woven wrap?

Welcome to the babywearing world. If this is your first wrap purchase or your 50th, I'm sure that number is low for some as well, this will help you when you get a wrap new or from the swap to tell you what is in a expected normal range for a wrap and what is unsafe.  


Woven wraps are simply a long piece of fabric that is used to wrap your baby to your body if you need more help with what carries or carrier is best for you please take a look here: There are different ways to wrap your baby and different types of wovens on the market.


Woven wraps again are pieces of fabric that come in all sorts of sizes and blends. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Bamboo, Hemp and just recently Fox. All wraps have a certain way to wash, this can also vary by company and blend. What one company says to do with a 100% cotton may not be what another company says to do with their 100% cotton. Please, Please read the care instructions and follow them. Some wraps are sent to you in what is called "Loom State" this is when the fabric is fresh off of the loom, and woven, but unfinished. Washing on hot when in "Loom State" removes any starches used on the fibers during the weaving process and sets any rogue dye. Shrinking occurs only during the first washing, manufacturers do cut extra length. After this first washing the wrap would have also shrunk to the correct size.

These are some basic ways to wash but please follow instruction from the manufactures. 


Cotton: Cold or warm, low spin, hang to dry or tumble dry on low.


Wool: The primary concern with wool is to avoid felting it, which can weaken the fabric and potentially make it unsafe for use. To avoid this, gently hand wash your wool wraps with a wool wash without lanolin. To remove excess water after washing, lay the wrap flat in a large towel and then roll the towel up to soak up excess water. Air dry your woolie, but make sure to give it support while it is drying. I like to lay mine flat to dry to prevent stretching, night time is great time to do this so no one walks on it. The following are some examples of wool that is felted. Felting happens if it is not properly washed. The wrap will become dry and brittle. You will notice fuzzies all over the wrap as well. Also, you may possible hear creaking while pulling or wrapping with the wrap. This is a safety issue and can no longer be worn.   




Hemp:  Hemp is dense and fibrous. It is and incredibly strong, durable fabric. If you want your hemp wraps to be buttery soft, you will need to break down the hemp fibers (because lets face it, that's what breaking in a wrap is--breaking down the fibers). Heat is going to do that. Many people prefer to wash in warm or hot water and tumble dry on warm or high heat. I do dry my hemp on medium heat and then remove it when damp to air dry.  A good steam ironing will also help the breaking in process. Hemp is one of the few fibers that can take the heat and hold up remarkably well. You do not need to wash in warm water or do a warm tumble dry to break hemp in, but the heat is going to hasten the process without the typical wear.


Linen: Cold to warm, low spin, tumble on low until damp and then steam iron.


The following are some issues you may see on your woven wrap. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always email us here at Marsupial-Mamas for more help.


What is a snub or a nub?

A snub or a nub is thickening of the thread in certain areas. This is not a safety issue and is very common in hemp, linen and handwoven wraps, but don't count out cotton to have some as well. This is not a flaw and is consider normal in the woven wrap world.

This is one small snub/nub:




This is a slightly larger area of thicker threads, again normal:



What is a weavers knot?

A weavers knot is where the manufacture attach the thread ends together during the weaving process. Thread is not unlimited and does run out during the weaving process. This is how the weavers continue weaving the wrap, they just tie a knot and continue on. These are very common in all woven wraps. This is not a flaw and should be expected. Most will tighten up with a warm wash and will never been seen again after the first wash.




What is a pulled thread?

A pulled thread is a thread that has become unbound from the weave of the wrap. This is not a safety issue but can become a broken thread (explained below) if not fixed before wearing. A pulled thread can be caused by the smallest thing, how you store your wraps, washing them, wearing them, and even wrapping with them. Yes, while I was wrapping up my son, I snagged my wrap with my wedding ring. A pulled thread can be fixed, some easier then others. For smaller pulls you can gently pull in opposite directions of the pull (same way as the pull but pull out towards both sides of the wrap). Give it a nice warm bath when done. If it is a larger pull, here is a great tutorial to help you fix it:



What is a broken thread?

A broken thread is when that pulled thread gets pulled to its max and breaks.  A broken thread is not a safety issues, unless you have a group of broken threads in one area and it has become a hole. A broken thread can and should be fixed before wearing. Please follow this link to help you fix a broken thread:




If you have a patch of broken threads, like the following please do not wear the wrap until the proper fixing has been done. This is a safety issue. If you receive a wrap like this, please contact the seller/vendor before washing or wearing. ALWAYS, inspect your wrap upon receiving.




What is thread shifting?

Thread shifting is where an area of the tread "shift". This can make a weak spot in the wrap or create a gap. Thread shifting is very common in thinner wraps or wraps that have a loose weave. Thread shifting is fixable. You can take a sewing needle and use it to gently slide the threads straight back in their correct lines, gently pulling diagonally to edge them back in straight.  Then warm wash, tumble dry and iron. If it is left not fixed, it will become a safety issues over time as the threads are weak in that area and will not hold up weight in that area.




What is a skipped thread?

A skipped thread happens during the weaving process. This is more of a cosmetic flaw and more times then not wraps with this issue are considered seconds. This could be overlooked very easily by both the manufacture and/or the vendor.  This is not a safety issue.






What is a crease/fold?

A crease line or a fold line is not a flaw or a safety issue. These can become a problem over time if not properly taken care of. Crease lines can lead to thread shifting. How to prevent these are to iron your wraps often and not to store then braided over a long period of time.  Creases/fold line will often be found along your rails. In the following photo you will notice the crease/fold line up towards the top of the photo.



Why is my middle marker not in the middle? Is this a flaw? 

This is not a flaw. Middle markers can be off from a half an inch to inches. Manufactures cut the wraps longer to account for shrinkage during the first wash. They run plenty of test to see how much length will be lost but this can still vary. They do their best to place the tag as close to the middle as possible.


How do I measure my wrap?

Measuring your wrap is best done with a soft tape measure and in hand. In hand and with a soft tape measure gives you more of an accurate measurement because while measuring you are measuring the wrap in the accordance with the fibers natural stretch.


What is this thread sticking out of my hem?

It most likely is a loose thread that got caught up in the overlock under the folded hem. It is not a safety issue, as it is still sewn into the wrap. Assuming the hem is still solid it's nothing to worry about.




Why is there a white mark under my middle marker?

These white marks are made by tailor chalk. This is how the tailors mark where the middle markers belongs on the wrap. Not all companies use tailor chalk. This is not a safety issue and will wash out.


Here are a few more reminders in the babywearing world:


-Never use scissors or any other sharp object to open your package when you receive it in the mail.

-Always look your carrier over before you wash or wear. This is so very important!!

-Do not wash your wrap if you believe there is a problem or you have a concern with the wrap.

-When listing a wrap on any swap page, always disclose all of the above mention items. Whether its small to you, it may be big to someone else. This will protect you as the seller.

-If you have a safety flaw, contact either the vendor/manufacture/seller before publicly posting. If the transaction happened on a swap, contact the seller first. If cant be resolved between both parties, please contact the admin of that group.




Thank you to everyone who sent Marsupial-Mamas, LLC their photos to be used in this blog. We love and adore your support you show us.













Find a Babywearing Group near you!!!!!

Are you moving? Are you new to an area? Are you just getting into Babywearing and your looking for some help. You have come to the right place. Below is a list of Babywearing groups that can help you on your journey in Babywearing. If your group is not on this list please email me: jilliane at marsupial-mamas dot com to be added to this list.



Gulf Coast Babywearers: Gulf coast of Alabama, Florida and Mississippi
Maggie Stickney:
Lauren Sonnier:







Babywearing Around Tulsa
Babywearing International of Phoenix, AZ :
Babywearing International Tucson or Tucson Babywearers on Facebook




Fort Smith area Babywearing:


Searcy Wrappers in Searcy, AR.
Email is


Spa City Babywearers, Hot Springs, AR: 




Natural Parenting for Non-Hippies,Hanford/Lemoore :


Babywearing International of Los Angeles County:

Email address is


Davis Babywearers, Davie, CA :
Babywearing SB, Santa Barbara, California
Babywearers of East County San Diego
Roseville Babywearers, CA
Babywearing International of the Bay Area


BWI of Denver/FrontRange

FB page:


Babywearing International of Colorado Springs:





Babywearing International of New Haven









BWI of Gainesville, FL (Gainesville Babywearers)
Facebook group:
Facebook Page:


O-Town Slingers, Orlando FL.  Can be found FB under O-Town Slingers


Tallahassee Babywearers ,Tallahassee, FL:
Hernando Babywearing
Hernando County, Florida
Tampa Bay Babywearing:
South Florida Babywearing, South Florida, including Miami-Dade county and Broward county
Ocala association for baby wearing, Ocala,Florida





Coastal Georgia Babywearers:


Babywearing International of Savannah, Georgia. AKA "Savannah Slingers"







Babywearing International of Oʻahu







Babywearing International of North Central Illinois



Southern Illinois Babywearing Group

Facebook group is


Babywearing International of Peoria,IL





Babywearing South Chicago (Joliet, IL area)


Babywearing International of Chicagoland



Email: Bwichicagoland@gmail



The Babywearing Project

Bloomington, Indiana







Babywearing International of Wichita (Wichita, KS)

Facebook group:





East KY Babywearing: Contact:

FB: East KY Babywearing


Bluegrass Babywearers



Babywearers of Bowling Green, Bowling Green, KY  
South Central KY Babywearers, Campbellsville area.




Louisiana Baby Slingin' Mamas
FB Group:
Group Email:,

South Louisiana Babywearers, Houma/Thibodaux area and the Baton Rouge area.



Fort Polk Babywearers







Babywearing International of the Merrimack Valley

Serves the Merrimack Valley of Northern MA & Southern NH :


Midcoast Maine Babywearers, based in Brunswick, Maine.

Facebook link:

Email is:


Southern Maine Babywearers, serving Gorham, Portland, and Waterboro.






BabyWearing International of Central Maryland

Serving Baltimore, Harford, and Howard Counties
Our fanpage:

Email Address:


BWI of Southern Maryland





Babywearing International of Greater Boston (general inquiries) (library specific inquiries)





Babywearing International of Grand Rapids (Michigan)
Detroit Babywearers
Lapeer County Babywearing, Lapeer, MI.
Genesee County Babywearers. Grand Blanc, Michigan
FB: .   
Lansing Babywearers, Lansing, MI or on Facebook




Babywearing International of the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
Email is







SEMO Babywearing:Southeast Missouri





Billings Area Babywearers :







Vegaroos Babywearers,  Las Vegas, NV







Central New Jersey Babywearing Group:


Babywearing International of South Jersey. 





Tularosa Basin Babywearing group: 






Babywearing International of Saratoga



SlingBabies of the Capital District, Capital Region of New York, from Delmar to Saratoga Springs








Cozy Up Baby Winston-Salem, NC

Email:  FB:


Eastern NC Babywearers

FB: Eastern NC Babywearers

Email is



Babywearing International of the Triangle, Raleigh area, NC




Babywearing International of Charlotte, we serve the Charlotte, NC metro area including Gastonia, Huntersville, Concord, etc. 

Website is:





Minot Babywearing Group located in Minot, North Dakota

Facebook :



Columbus Babywearing




Babywearing International of Cleveland




Toledo Areas Baby Wearers

FB: Private group search "Toledo Area Baby Wearers"


BWI of Akron Youngstown (formerly Buckeye Babywearers)




Babywearing International of Oklahoma City and our website at
Email address is
Babywearing International of Lawton/Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
Serving wichita falls, texas, chickasha oklahoma and altus oklahoma, but most are in Lawton. 
Babywearing Support of OKC - meetings all around the Oklahoma City Area
Contact Piper Nard -





Southern Oregon Babywearers:


Corvallis Babywearers:
Mamaroo Babywearing, Salem and Silverton, Oregon: 



Chautauqua/Warren Area Babywearers
serving Chautauqua County, NY and Warren County, PA
BWI of South Central PA




Web site:





Babywearing International of Columbia, SC 
FB:    Blog:







BWI of Chattanooga (formerly known as Lookout Babywearers):
Babywearing International of Middle TN:
Clarksville Babywearers, Clarksville, Tn 




Babywearing International of Knoxville, TN, 






Fort Worth Babywearers.



Babywearing International of San Antonio



Babywearing International of Greater Austin


North Dallas Wearing Mamas

Facebook group:






Babywearing SLC, Salt Lake City, UT




Utah County Babywearers

FB: Utah County Babywearers ,
CV Babywearing, Cache Valley Utah





Babywearing International of Greater Burlington
Our link is 





Babywearing International of Hampton Roads



Contact: Info (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) org


Roanoke Babywearers, VA :





Babywearing International of Kitsap Peninsula, serving Kitsap County, Washington.



Oly Babywearers (for Olympia, WA)


Babywearing International of Seattle







Babywearing International of DC-MD-VA for the Washington D.C. metro area. 

Facebook page:







Milwaukee Babywearers







North Island Babywearers, Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA (Mainly the Comox Valley, BC)
Stephanie MacKinnon
FB: 'North Island Babywearers'


Brantford Babywearers: Brantford, Ontario, Canada


Hamilton Babywearers :Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Ottawa Babywearing Group:
Email address:
Babywearing of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, but welcome Sault Michigan residents as well.
Winnipeg Babywearers
Sunshine Coast BC Babywearers Sechelt, BC Canada V0N 3A2

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Babywearers, Kalgoorlie Western Australia




Joondalup and surrounds babywearers, Australia, Wa, Perth 


Bunbury Babywearing Community in Western Australia
Babywearing Mamas Malaysia
Selat Tebrau Babywearers (STB), Malaysia.
Pahang Babywearers , Pahang, Malaysia.
Otepoti Dunedin Babywearing, New Zealand - Dunedin.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at Marsupial-Mamas, LLC
Happy Babywearing!!!










What's New with Natibaby

Natibaby has been a favorite wrap brand of mine for many years.  I found the love when they released their red wool Greece and have continued to be a fan with Sweet Place, Japan, Dragonflies, and the list can go on and on. 

The wraps that they release are always in fun patterns and designs, that vary in stunning colors and blends.

Not long ago, when hearing the word Natibaby, many thought of amazingly soft and thick wraps.   Natis were typically dense and on the medium to thick side of woven wraps.

That has changed lately and you will find them varying from very thin (180 g/m2), medium (225-255 g/m2) and a couple are still denser thick weighted wovens.  The majority of them have been right around the 225 g/m2 weight, which is considered on the thin side of medium.

One thing that has stayed consistent is how amazingly soft a Natibaby wrap is.  Whether it's hemp, linen, bamboo, silk or cotton, with one wash you'll have a cuddly woven wrap to carry your little one in.

Natibaby has brought back a couple of favorites since the beginning of the year

(and hopefully we'll bring us a couple more)



as well as released a ton of fun new designs! 



Leave a comment, I would love to hear what your favorite design of 2014 is or what you'd love to see brought back.



Written by Tabitha Goins — March 16, 2014

Woven wraps, all the sizes, which carry is best for which, which will work best for me?

These are questions we often hear around the babywearing community. So I'm hoping to help by giving you some answers to these ever popular questions when you begin your journey in this babywearing world. If after all of this, you are still puzzled please just send us an email at MM and we will be happy to help guide you in the right direction. 

Woven wraps are simple pieces of cloth (SPOC) that help and aid you to carry your child from infant to toddlerhood. These pieces of cloth range in blends (Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Linen, Silk, Cashmere, etc.) and sizes (size 1 thru size 8). Below, I will post a size chart to give you an idea of what you are looking for. Woven wraps are measured in meters. This is due to most of the manufactures being out of Europe or the surrounding areas where the metric system is used. So please make a note when talking in the babywearing community, it is more common to discuss wraps being in meters, not inches. Google has many good site to help with conversion, so you get an idea if you're better with inches rather then meters. Here are the sizes of all the wraps in meters:

 Size 1 = 2.2m 

Size 2 = 2.7m

Size 3 = 3.2m

Size 4 = 3.6m

Size 5 = 4.2m

Size 6 = 4.6m

Size 7 = 5.2m

Size 8 = 5.6m

Note that with the different manufactures that these sizes can vary by brand. Also, another good piece to know is that manufactures will also account for shrinkage from that first wash and cut longer. This is very normal to receive a wrap size 6 that is measuring in at 4.73 meters. So upon receiving any wrap, new or used, it is best to measure it with a soft tape measure and in hand.

 What size is best for me?

This is the most popular question we hear around the community. Its also one that has a short and long answer to it. Most people will recommend a size 6 or 4.6m to be a starter size, in which we agree. You will come to find out the more wraps you try and the different sizes you will find what works best for you and baby. But to start, look into a size 6 for most. This will alter depending on weight and height, if your petite, larger breasted, what carry your aiming to do (front, back, hip), wrapping a infant, a toddler or a combination of these things. Below, I will post a great chart from Didymos that will help guide you in what carry's work best for your size carrier. Remember there are many, MANY more carry's out there that are not listed on the chart. This will give you a place to start. 

What Carries can I do in this size and that size?

You can find this chart at


Remember the TICKS rule of Safe Babywearing. When using your wrap be sensible of you and your babies ability and use common sense when trying something new.

When learning how to wrap you may want to check out whether there is a local babywearing consultant or group close to you. Its also a great way to meet new friends who share the same passion and well, you get to touch and see more fluff!!!! Who doesn't want to touch all the fluff???  Practicing with a teddy or doll can help you figure out where the material is supposed to go without upsetting your baby. Also, check out some of the youtube video from the many educator around. Again, if you find yourself needing help in any way please reach out to Marsupial-Mamas, LLC so we can put you on the right track.


Where's My Fluff? (Week of June 10)

I know I haven’t been keeping up with my “Where’s My Fluff” status reports. It’s my fault. I own it. But honestly, there’s not enough Talenti Gelato to make me enjoy this task, but I because I love y’all (even if you kind of scare me a bit with your passion and devotion to babywearing), I have steeled myself with a pint of Talenti Black Cherry gelato and copious notes written in Jennie’s chicken scratch. So here we go:

India Holi

These look like they are right on schedule. They should be here at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. These look righteously hot. I don’t even babywear all that much and I still want one. Anyone want to make me an adult sized blanket? I kid, I kid. Well, not about the beauty of Holi. I never kid about beauty.

Crimson Hemp India

These also look like they are on target to be in on time. These are shipping direct from Didymos (DFD) in another week or so. Shipping usually takes about a week. This is just a rough approximation. Sometimes it can take an extra 7-10 days, but this doesn’t happen often. So we are looking at the end of June/First week of July

Flamenco Hemp Indio

The rest of these fab wraps are inbound.  We received a partial first order and are awaiting the rest. It looks like they will be shipping next week, loves. These are just divine. Such a true shade of hot pink. Love it. Somebody make me a pair of speedos out of it. Just kidding. Well, not really, but Jennie would kill me and if I keep eating gelato, I’m going to be too “healthy” to shove my thighs into a nice, tight speedo. And then I will need to go back to my therapist to work through my issues of having to wear husky-sized clothes as a kid.

Random Didymos Wraps

It looks like we have some random Didymos wraps coming in: some Rosalindes, Roberts, Kolibris, Anthracites, Red Dots, Waves, Swing, Orients, and some Old Standards. These should be here in two weeks. We just have a continuous round of wraps coming in. It’s like Christmas every week here.

KKD Erna/Glamour Stars/Diorite Stars/Erna/Maya Elephants/Soccer

These wraps were supposed to arrive at KKD on June 3 and were supposed to ship the following week. Ok y’all, I’m ducking because I don’t want to get hit with some sort of nefarious substance. Yes, I am aware KKD has used the flood excuse before to explain late shipments, but considering there are is a shit ton of flooding in Eastern Europe right now, I am inclined to believe that this is indeed the case. Regardless, several wraps have arrived at KKD and are shipping late this week. Jennie has an email in requesting confirmation for which wraps are shipping when. The only one we know so far that is shipping the third week of June is Soccer. We will be listing extras in the store this afternoon. Or tonight. Or tomorrow. Oh, lets just say we will be listing extras in the next two days.

Nati Spring Pre-Order

Most of these wraps have gone out, unless you ordered a wrap with black fill, which apparently have taken longer than expected to weave and finish. Not sure why, but these should be shipping from Nati in another week or so. We also have a few turquoise fill wraps that are shipping in the next order. I really don’t know why those are delayed, except that they are delayed. Don’t hate me. I’m too hot for hating. For reals, ladies.

Nati Indigo/Green Clovers

Seriously, what is up with this order? I don’t know. Ok, I do know. Sort of. We thought these would be shipping about three weeks ago. They have not yet. It looks like Nati is just running behind. They have a lot of exclusives on their plate right now, as well as their own pre-orders and their regular releases. Girl, Nati is just busy. Too busy. They need to sit down and eat some gelato. I have been told that they *should* be shipping at the end of this week/beginning of next week. I will update in another fab blog post when I have confirmation.


Ok—these are the most pressing items incoming. I will update when I have more info to pass on to all you lovely ladies. It has taken me all day, three pints of gelato and four episodes of X-Files to write this. See why it doesn’t get done all that often? I’m too easily distracted. But, I promise to be better about updating. Any questions? Send me an email at stuart (at) marsupial-mamas dot com. Email me. I’m lonely. Do I sound desperate? Well, I am.


Love you, ladies. Keep on wearing. It keeps me in a job.




Written by Stuart Cohen — June 11, 2013

Where is My Fluff? (Week of 1 March 2013)

We've had a brief hiatus, as you might have noticed. I (Stuart) am taking over this whole blog thing for a bit while Jennie climbs out from all the inventory she needs to upload. She needs to clearance a lot of stuff and if I have my way, it will all be in the wrap closet or wherever the heck clearance stuff goes to die by this evening. I mean, it's 85 degrees here today. Who needs a wool wrap?

So here we go. Lets hope I do this right because the babywearing ladies don't take any shit. Can I say that? Well, I did. I'm probably going to get into trouble now.

Linuschka Bordeux Wraps

This would be the tulips, poppies, Fleur, and Cleo (I dated a Cleo once. Actually, no. That was a Theo. Looked smashing in pink Ralph Lauren Polos). These were slated for February delivery at MM. Well, now it's March and where are the poppies? and the tulips? Never fear, they are shipping the week of 3/3. Oxana from Linuschka is a wonderful woman to work with and she has been working hard on her hand woven wraps, so thing were just a little delayed with these lovelies. Delivery takes 2-3 weeks. Perfect timing for spring. 

Didymos Blue/White Pfau and Karabik Indio

Blue White Pfau is shipping the week of 3/3 direct from Didymos. Karabik should be shipping that week too. There are a million UPS tracking numbers to sort through, so I promise to sit down and sort through them and find the correct tracking so I can post here. 

Didymos Hemp India

There are two orders of these on the way. One is from the amazing Birdie's Room and one is from Didymos. We have a large incoming shipment of Didymos wraps that should be here in the next two weeks and hemp India is in that. I am not quite sure when the hemp Indias are shipping from Birdie's Room, but I will text El Jefe and ask her. 

Various Didymos Wraps (Lisca Minos and Smeraldo, Houndstooth, Orient, Mermaid, Double Face Emerald, 3D Checquer)

These will be shipping next week some time. I will post tracking as soon as I have it. 


We have our last batch of our orders arriving next week. Glamour Stars, another round of Diorites, and a few more Ernas. 


Blue/Yellow Linden, Wine Red Swallows, Dark Pink Cats, Olive Cats, Red Cats have all shipped. We do have some Green Silk/Ramie Lindens and some Red Cats in stock right now. We also had another batch of Cotton Indigo Owls arrive. Crazy, right? 

Tracking for Lindens and Swallows: CP144017957PL and CP144017965PL

Flowerelli Gold and Serpentines will also be shipping the week of 3/3

We are still waiting on the arrival of our second quality Dino Funs. Sorry for the delay on this. We did have one first quality size 4 show up. I guess I should nudge El Jefe to put that up in the store. 


We're working on Girasol. Has Girasol always been this popular? It's like they have elves weaving gold in Guatemala. I need to get in on this.


Where is My Fluff? (Week of 21 January 2013)

 Natibaby Purple Cotton and Silk Owls/Old Rose Dragonflies/Green Silk Forest/Old Rose Silk-Ramie Orchids/Indigo Lace Charm

Natibaby has just confirmed that Purple Owls will be shipping mid-January. I know--I am not happy about this either. I was under the impression that they would be shipping right after Indigo Owls shipped. I finally have tracking for these bad boys. Not sure which box they are in, but they are in three of them.







 Natibaby Wool Pre-Order (Gears, Dinosaurs, Deers, Elves, Flamingos, Rivea, Pancy)

All woolie pre-orders are in, except the following:

A large percentage of my graphite/white dinos

Old Rose Rivea and Flamingos

Turquoise/Navy Blue Gears (short sizes)

Indigo/Yellow Gears (all sizes)

They all shipped 12/21, so I am not sure what the hold-up is on these boxes. Tracking is below:



 Kokadi (Erna, Tobsa, Kakadu, Diorite, Jungle Birds)

 Ernas, Tobsa, and Kakadu have shipped. I do not have tracking yet, but will post as soon as I do. I do not know why the rest of my Diorites are not shipping. Still working on that.

Kokadi (Ela)

Still working on this one. My initial order was confirmed and I have not info to date as to shipping or anything. Frustrating.

Girasol (Cosmic Rainbow, Andromeda, Super Nova, Toulon)

Another long pre-order (anyone seeing a pattern here?). These should be here in March/April. Why so long for Cosmic Rainbow? My best guess is that I submitted a huge order and everything is being held until it is all woven. I don't know. I am guessing here. 

Girasol (Loix DW, Andromeda Galaxy DW)

I have been told May for delivery as these are DW and there is currently one person weaving diamond weave. Keeping my fingers crossed that May is indeed when they will be ready.

Linuschka Wool Pre-Order

These have shipped. Tracking is CL722842293DE. Package shipped DHL and has been handed off to USPS, so if you want to track, you will need to track through the USPS site. Looks like they cleared Jersey City today, which means I should have them by Thursday or Friday.

Linuschka Bordeaux Tulips, Poppies, Cleo, Fleur

These are currently being woven and expected ship date is in February, so we are looking at a late February/Early March for delivery to MM. I will post tracking once I have it in hand.

Didymos Black/White OS and Didymos Viola (Cotton) 

Black and White OS UPS: 1Z10W5416791755819

Viola OS: UPS 1Z10W5416790716827

Expected delivery at MM is 1/31 barring any shipping delays or customs issues.

Where is My Fluff? (Week of 1 January 2013)

Want to know where your fluff is? Is it hanging out in customs at JFK partying it up on the club circuit? Is it hanging out north of border taking a leisurely pleasure cruise into the US? Is it MIA? (Should I even admit that? To be honest, nothing is every truly MIA. I typically know where it is. I usually don't know why it is sitting in customs or wherever it might be). So here we go:

Natibaby Indigo Cotton and Silk Owls

These shipped the first week of December. I have confirmation of their shipment, but they have not arrived yet. I am expecting them any day. 

Natibaby Purple Cotton and Silk Owls

Natibaby has just confirmed that these will be shipping mid-January. I know--I am not happy about this either. I was under the impression that they would be shipping right after Indigo Owls shipped. 

Natibaby Grey Vintage, Turquoise Sweet Place, Cashmere Pancy

These shipped 12/21 with the woolie pre-orders. It typically takes 10 days or so for them to arrive at MM, so I am expecting them any day now. I have confirmation of shipment, but no tracking right now.

Natibaby Wool Pre-Order (Gears, Dinosaurs, Deers, Elves, Flamingos, Rivea, Pancy)

All woolie pre-orders shipped 12/21. It typically takes 10 days or so for them to arrive at MM, so I am expecting them any day now. I have confirmation of shipment, but no tracking right now. 

Bara Barn

Longest.Wait.Ever. But these babies have shipped. UPS Tracking:1Z2X12A50495078164. I doubt I will be carrying Bara Barn in the future. I love them to pieces, especially for summer wearing, but the wait time on this has been horrendous.

 Kokadi (Erna, Tobsa, Kakadu, Diorite, Jungle Birds)

Kokadi has said these will ship the first week of January. No tracking as of yet, but will post as soon as I have it. 

Kokadi (Ela)

Still working on this one. My initial order was confirmed and I have not info to date as to shipping or anything. Frustrating.

Girasol (Cosmic Rainbow, Andromeda, Super Nova, Toulon)

Another long pre-order (anyone seeing a pattern here?). These should be here in March/April. Why so long for Cosmic Rainbow? My best guess is that I submitted a huge order and everything is being held until it is all woven. I don't know. I am guessing here. 

Girasol (Loix DW, Andromeda Galaxy DW)

I have been told May for delivery as these are DW and there is currently one person weaving diamond weave. Keeping my fingers crossed that May is indeed when they will be ready.

Didymos (Golden Night Owls, Mermaid, Lisca Azzurro, Winter Star)

I have several shipments arriving of these wraps. Golden Night Owls should be here the second week of January. Some Liscas and some Mermaids will be here on January 7th. The rest of the Liscas and Mermaids will be here the third week of January. Winter Star and some more Liscas will also be here the third week of January. I will post tracking info once I have it in hand.

Linuschka Wool Pre-Order

These will be shipping mid-January. Linuschka has always shipped on time, so I have no concerns about timely shipment. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for their orders to arrive at MM, so we are looking at early February delivery. I will post tracking once I have it.

Linuschka Bordeaux Tulips, Poppies, Cleo, Fleur

These are currently being woven and expected ship date is in February, so we are looking at a late February/Early March for delivery to MM. I will post tracking once I have it in hand.

I know I am forgetting something. Give me a shout if I am and hopefully this helps. Feedback would be appreciated. I am hoping to post
"Where's My Fluff?" on a weekly basis. Sound good?


12 Days of Christmas Give Away

Tomorrow we will start our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. I know the 12 Days of Christmas doesn’t technically start until December 25th, but we can start the gift giving a bit early. So here is how it works. Starting tomorrow, I will have a giveaway for each of the next 12 days. To keep this legal, we need to make a couple of minor changes. Anyone who wants to be entered into any of the 12 days of Christmas drawing must compose and submit a limerick, haiku, sonnet, ode, etc celebrating the joys of babywearing along with their store purchase. I have removed the $100 minimum purchase point. Winner will be chosen based on the originality and merits of their poetic endeavor. Please submit your haiku, limerick, ode, sonnet, etc on the joys of babywearing or on why you would like the item in question in the "customer notes" section at checkout in order to be entered in the drawing.

Entries are not concurrent. If you want to be entered for a specific giveaway, you must make a purchase on the day of the giveaway and submit your haiku, limerick, ode, sonnet, etc on the joys of babywearing in the "customer notes" section at checkout to be entered in the drawing. Your order id# will serve as your entry. Each entry period for a giveaway will run from midnight to midnight on the given day of the entry. Winner of a specific giveaway will be chosen based upon the originality of their poetic submission. Winner will be posted on the MM FB page and emailed.  I know some of you might be moaning and groaning that this is all silly, but I promise that the giveaways (which are listed below) are not at all cheesy and are well worth it. All giveaways are free to those who enter, so this is not a contest where you win the opportunity to buy the item in question.

12/11—ObiMama Wrap Conversion “Colibri” (short/2 /85" kombi straps/70" tie waist/adjustable hood/knee pads/neck roll). No joke—did you miss out on the General Tso’s Chicken Wrap Conversion this morning? Well here’s your chance to win one. This wrap conversion is made from a Natibaby green/purple linen Colibri. I will start off our 12 days of Christmas a bit early and any enter any purchase made from 8 am on 12/10 until 11:59 pm on 12/11 for this giveaway.

12/12—Natibaby Crimson Hemp Gears 4

12/13-Didymos Viola OS (Tussah/Cashmere Blend) 4

12/14-Oscha SN Blue Ice RS—This is from my personal stash. It has been gently used

12/15-Kokadi Kurma Turtles 7

12/16-A bundle of Dolly Slings (Kokadi Ela, Cotton Candy Elephants, Didymos Lago OS, Didymos Geckos Nero, Didymos Petrol Vogels)

2/17-First Dibs (one wrap/winner) on each Kokadi NA vendor LE release for the year 2013. This means that whoever wins this specific “giveaway” will be guaranteed one wrap in the size of their choosing for all Kokadi NA vendor LE releases. It does not mean that you will receive all LE wraps for free, just that a wrap in a specified size will be reserved for you to purchase. This only applies to the NA vendor LE releases that I receive.

2/18-Natibaby Polaria 7

2/19-Didymos Stella Adventis 7 (This is currently in transit)

2/20-Oscha Noveau Ember RS (standard Osha Shoulder. This is from my personal stash and has only been worn once)

2/21-Natibaby MM Indigo and Purple and Silk Owls 6 (2 wraps)

2/22-Diva Milano Veneziano Rosa RS (size Medium; standard Diva shoulder)

2/23-Oscha JK Mistletoe 5 (this is from my personal stash and is wonderfully broken in and pretty smooshy for a wool wrap) 

Happy Holidays


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