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This week sort of got off to a slow start. No releases on Monday or Tuesday meant that we weren't really on the lookout for anything new, but then Didy surprised us with a quick volley of LE releases. 

First up was Indio Blue Fog released on 22 August 2012. This is gorgeous tri-color, tri-blend LE indion and appears to be Tulali's brother. This is a jacquard weave woven in natural, ecru and blue threads with a 65% cotton / 25% linen and 10% tussah silk blend. Weight is 170 gr/m2 , so another thin, thin wrap. Hopefully, with Fall right around the corner, Didy will beef up the thick wrap releases. I will be interested to compare this one to Tulali. I absolutely cannot wait for the geek out on this one. 

Also released on the same day was Punti D'Oro.This wrap calls to mind Didy's woolie pink dots released in Fall 2011, but this is an all cotton blend and in warm, autumny shades of russet brown and golden yellow. This is still on the thinner side at 185 gr/m2, but it is thicker than its release buddy, Blue Fog

Natibaby also released Ducks on 22 August 2012.  A month earlier, they had released Pond, which left most people puzzled. Why would a quaint, Make Way for the Ducklings wrap be woven in red and white threads? Definitely a head scratcher. However, Ducks remedies that problem. Using the same pastoral, pond pattern, Ducks is woven in a rich, bright blue with white weft. It is a beautiful wrap and with a 70% cotton / 30% linen blend, it offers good support for bigger babies and toddlers (I've also been told it overydes pretty well!) 

The week finished out with two more Didy releases: Tussah Silk Fischies and Lisca Sambuco, both released on 23 August 2012. I have to be honest here--I am not that excited about the Tussah Silk Fische release. I mean, I am for geekery purposes, but I had been hoping for a natty hemp fische release or any sort of thicker hemp release. And well, Didy already released a tussah fische. I will be interested to compare the first version of Tussah Fische (23 June 2010 / 236 gr/m2  for a size 6 ) with the second version (23 August 2012 / 170 gr/m2 for a size 6) 

Didy's second release for 23 August 2012 was another Lisca weave. Totally in heaven here! Lisca Sambuco is gorgeous with violet purple, petrol blue and cinnamon brown threads. Once again, another light wrap at 185 gr/m2 for a size 6. But, I'm telling you, there is something about the Lisca weave that makes it so cushy and so supportive. I adore my Liscas and wear my toddler in them on a daily basis. Yes, I have partaken of the Lisca kool-aid.

All in all, a slow week for Nati and a busy week for Didy. Thoughts on this week's releases? Interested to hear everyone's thoughts about the Tussah Fische release? Any of the new releases on their way to you?


Written by Jennifer Money — August 31, 2012

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