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Yes, we are making a few changes here at MM HQ, but nothing drastic or unexpected. Promise.

Our first change is that we would like to welcome, Patti, our first employee, to the MM family. The store has been busy and although I tend to ship within 48 hours, it has meant that I am up late at night packing lovelies. Don't get me wrong--as a dear friend says, packing up shipments is like meditation, and I thoroughly enjoy it. However, Patti is super fast and is the one who is responsible for getting orders out the door the same day they are placed. This also means that I can get to bed at a decent hour at night. So, we are very, very grateful to have Patti working for us.

Our second change is one that I hold near and dear to my heart. I am usually pretty good about responding to emails. I say "usually" because there have been some times when emails have slipped through the cracks, not intentionally. We have implemented a new system on our end of things such that we are guaranteeing response to emails within four hours of receipt. Sound good? There are a couple of small caveats to this. Since I do have a life, a husband, three littles, and three cats, we can only guarantee four hour response time between the hours of 5 am and 5 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Emails received on the weekend outside this block of time will receive a response within twelve hours, although it will generally be much quicker than that. I know unanswered emails are frustrating. I also know that emails have gone unanswered at MM (once again, not intentional), so I am hoping our new system will take care of this issue. And I am putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak. Starting 11 am this morning (11/9/2012) I am putting a $10 store credit bounty on any email received after this time that is not answered within the parameters listed above. But lets hope the system in place does what it is supposed to do and lets me stay on top of things. 

Our third change is kind of pain, but I have thought long and hard over it and decided this is the best way to go. All layaway orders placed after today's date (11/9/2012), will now have 45 days to pay their balance in full. If you have placed a layaway order in the past and are still paying it off, no worries. You still have the original 60 days to pay. Why have I decided to do this? I have found a lot of mamas get cold feet on a wrap they have layaway. and after 45 days, I have a fairly high cancellation rate. I am totally ok with this, but it does mean my chances of selling that specific wrap have diminished a bit. I refuse to charge a restocking fee on a brand new wrap, so I decided to reduce the layaway period as a compromise. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works, because I love being able to offer layaway.

Our fourth change is that in addition to the FB page, I will have a weekly blog post that will detail what is in transit, what has been delivered, and what has been ordered for the store. I will also let you know the status of pre-orders. I have been trying to do this through email, but we have a lot of individual orders and it is taking forever to update everyone. I'm hoping this works and will answer everyone's questions about what is coming and what is on the way. 

We are also stocking the store for Black Friday, so if you have not signed up yet for a newsletter, please do so. 

Happy Babywearing!



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