12 Days of Christmas Give Away

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Tomorrow we will start our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. I know the 12 Days of Christmas doesn’t technically start until December 25th, but we can start the gift giving a bit early. So here is how it works. Starting tomorrow, I will have a giveaway for each of the next 12 days. To keep this legal, we need to make a couple of minor changes. Anyone who wants to be entered into any of the 12 days of Christmas drawing must compose and submit a limerick, haiku, sonnet, ode, etc celebrating the joys of babywearing along with their store purchase. I have removed the $100 minimum purchase point. Winner will be chosen based on the originality and merits of their poetic endeavor. Please submit your haiku, limerick, ode, sonnet, etc on the joys of babywearing or on why you would like the item in question in the "customer notes" section at checkout in order to be entered in the drawing.

Entries are not concurrent. If you want to be entered for a specific giveaway, you must make a purchase on the day of the giveaway and submit your haiku, limerick, ode, sonnet, etc on the joys of babywearing in the "customer notes" section at checkout to be entered in the drawing. Your order id# will serve as your entry. Each entry period for a giveaway will run from midnight to midnight on the given day of the entry. Winner of a specific giveaway will be chosen based upon the originality of their poetic submission. Winner will be posted on the MM FB page and emailed.  I know some of you might be moaning and groaning that this is all silly, but I promise that the giveaways (which are listed below) are not at all cheesy and are well worth it. All giveaways are free to those who enter, so this is not a contest where you win the opportunity to buy the item in question.

12/11—ObiMama Wrap Conversion “Colibri” (short/2 /85" kombi straps/70" tie waist/adjustable hood/knee pads/neck roll). No joke—did you miss out on the General Tso’s Chicken Wrap Conversion this morning? Well here’s your chance to win one. This wrap conversion is made from a Natibaby green/purple linen Colibri. I will start off our 12 days of Christmas a bit early and any enter any purchase made from 8 am on 12/10 until 11:59 pm on 12/11 for this giveaway.

12/12—Natibaby Crimson Hemp Gears 4

12/13-Didymos Viola OS (Tussah/Cashmere Blend) 4

12/14-Oscha SN Blue Ice RS—This is from my personal stash. It has been gently used

12/15-Kokadi Kurma Turtles 7

12/16-A bundle of Dolly Slings (Kokadi Ela, Cotton Candy Elephants, Didymos Lago OS, Didymos Geckos Nero, Didymos Petrol Vogels)

2/17-First Dibs (one wrap/winner) on each Kokadi NA vendor LE release for the year 2013. This means that whoever wins this specific “giveaway” will be guaranteed one wrap in the size of their choosing for all Kokadi NA vendor LE releases. It does not mean that you will receive all LE wraps for free, just that a wrap in a specified size will be reserved for you to purchase. This only applies to the NA vendor LE releases that I receive.

2/18-Natibaby Polaria 7

2/19-Didymos Stella Adventis 7 (This is currently in transit)

2/20-Oscha Noveau Ember RS (standard Osha Shoulder. This is from my personal stash and has only been worn once)

2/21-Natibaby MM Indigo and Purple and Silk Owls 6 (2 wraps)

2/22-Diva Milano Veneziano Rosa RS (size Medium; standard Diva shoulder)

2/23-Oscha JK Mistletoe 5 (this is from my personal stash and is wonderfully broken in and pretty smooshy for a wool wrap) 

Happy Holidays

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