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Want to know where your fluff is? Is it hanging out in customs at JFK partying it up on the club circuit? Is it hanging out north of border taking a leisurely pleasure cruise into the US? Is it MIA? (Should I even admit that? To be honest, nothing is every truly MIA. I typically know where it is. I usually don't know why it is sitting in customs or wherever it might be). So here we go:

Natibaby Indigo Cotton and Silk Owls

These shipped the first week of December. I have confirmation of their shipment, but they have not arrived yet. I am expecting them any day. 

Natibaby Purple Cotton and Silk Owls

Natibaby has just confirmed that these will be shipping mid-January. I know--I am not happy about this either. I was under the impression that they would be shipping right after Indigo Owls shipped. 

Natibaby Grey Vintage, Turquoise Sweet Place, Cashmere Pancy

These shipped 12/21 with the woolie pre-orders. It typically takes 10 days or so for them to arrive at MM, so I am expecting them any day now. I have confirmation of shipment, but no tracking right now.

Natibaby Wool Pre-Order (Gears, Dinosaurs, Deers, Elves, Flamingos, Rivea, Pancy)

All woolie pre-orders shipped 12/21. It typically takes 10 days or so for them to arrive at MM, so I am expecting them any day now. I have confirmation of shipment, but no tracking right now. 

Bara Barn

Longest.Wait.Ever. But these babies have shipped. UPS Tracking:1Z2X12A50495078164. I doubt I will be carrying Bara Barn in the future. I love them to pieces, especially for summer wearing, but the wait time on this has been horrendous.

 Kokadi (Erna, Tobsa, Kakadu, Diorite, Jungle Birds)

Kokadi has said these will ship the first week of January. No tracking as of yet, but will post as soon as I have it. 

Kokadi (Ela)

Still working on this one. My initial order was confirmed and I have not info to date as to shipping or anything. Frustrating.

Girasol (Cosmic Rainbow, Andromeda, Super Nova, Toulon)

Another long pre-order (anyone seeing a pattern here?). These should be here in March/April. Why so long for Cosmic Rainbow? My best guess is that I submitted a huge order and everything is being held until it is all woven. I don't know. I am guessing here. 

Girasol (Loix DW, Andromeda Galaxy DW)

I have been told May for delivery as these are DW and there is currently one person weaving diamond weave. Keeping my fingers crossed that May is indeed when they will be ready.

Didymos (Golden Night Owls, Mermaid, Lisca Azzurro, Winter Star)

I have several shipments arriving of these wraps. Golden Night Owls should be here the second week of January. Some Liscas and some Mermaids will be here on January 7th. The rest of the Liscas and Mermaids will be here the third week of January. Winter Star and some more Liscas will also be here the third week of January. I will post tracking info once I have it in hand.

Linuschka Wool Pre-Order

These will be shipping mid-January. Linuschka has always shipped on time, so I have no concerns about timely shipment. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for their orders to arrive at MM, so we are looking at early February delivery. I will post tracking once I have it.

Linuschka Bordeaux Tulips, Poppies, Cleo, Fleur

These are currently being woven and expected ship date is in February, so we are looking at a late February/Early March for delivery to MM. I will post tracking once I have it in hand.

I know I am forgetting something. Give me a shout if I am and hopefully this helps. Feedback would be appreciated. I am hoping to post
"Where's My Fluff?" on a weekly basis. Sound good?


Written by Jennifer Money — January 03, 2013

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