Where is My Fluff? (Week of 21 January 2013)

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 Natibaby Purple Cotton and Silk Owls/Old Rose Dragonflies/Green Silk Forest/Old Rose Silk-Ramie Orchids/Indigo Lace Charm

Natibaby has just confirmed that Purple Owls will be shipping mid-January. I know--I am not happy about this either. I was under the impression that they would be shipping right after Indigo Owls shipped. I finally have tracking for these bad boys. Not sure which box they are in, but they are in three of them.







 Natibaby Wool Pre-Order (Gears, Dinosaurs, Deers, Elves, Flamingos, Rivea, Pancy)

All woolie pre-orders are in, except the following:

A large percentage of my graphite/white dinos

Old Rose Rivea and Flamingos

Turquoise/Navy Blue Gears (short sizes)

Indigo/Yellow Gears (all sizes)

They all shipped 12/21, so I am not sure what the hold-up is on these boxes. Tracking is below:



 Kokadi (Erna, Tobsa, Kakadu, Diorite, Jungle Birds)

 Ernas, Tobsa, and Kakadu have shipped. I do not have tracking yet, but will post as soon as I do. I do not know why the rest of my Diorites are not shipping. Still working on that.

Kokadi (Ela)

Still working on this one. My initial order was confirmed and I have not info to date as to shipping or anything. Frustrating.

Girasol (Cosmic Rainbow, Andromeda, Super Nova, Toulon)

Another long pre-order (anyone seeing a pattern here?). These should be here in March/April. Why so long for Cosmic Rainbow? My best guess is that I submitted a huge order and everything is being held until it is all woven. I don't know. I am guessing here. 

Girasol (Loix DW, Andromeda Galaxy DW)

I have been told May for delivery as these are DW and there is currently one person weaving diamond weave. Keeping my fingers crossed that May is indeed when they will be ready.

Linuschka Wool Pre-Order

These have shipped. Tracking is CL722842293DE. Package shipped DHL and has been handed off to USPS, so if you want to track, you will need to track through the USPS site. Looks like they cleared Jersey City today, which means I should have them by Thursday or Friday.

Linuschka Bordeaux Tulips, Poppies, Cleo, Fleur

These are currently being woven and expected ship date is in February, so we are looking at a late February/Early March for delivery to MM. I will post tracking once I have it in hand.

Didymos Black/White OS and Didymos Viola (Cotton) 

Black and White OS UPS: 1Z10W5416791755819

Viola OS: UPS 1Z10W5416790716827

Expected delivery at MM is 1/31 barring any shipping delays or customs issues.

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