Where is My Fluff? (Week of 1 March 2013)

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We've had a brief hiatus, as you might have noticed. I (Stuart) am taking over this whole blog thing for a bit while Jennie climbs out from all the inventory she needs to upload. She needs to clearance a lot of stuff and if I have my way, it will all be in the wrap closet or wherever the heck clearance stuff goes to die by this evening. I mean, it's 85 degrees here today. Who needs a wool wrap?

So here we go. Lets hope I do this right because the babywearing ladies don't take any shit. Can I say that? Well, I did. I'm probably going to get into trouble now.

Linuschka Bordeux Wraps

This would be the tulips, poppies, Fleur, and Cleo (I dated a Cleo once. Actually, no. That was a Theo. Looked smashing in pink Ralph Lauren Polos). These were slated for February delivery at MM. Well, now it's March and where are the poppies? and the tulips? Never fear, they are shipping the week of 3/3. Oxana from Linuschka is a wonderful woman to work with and she has been working hard on her hand woven wraps, so thing were just a little delayed with these lovelies. Delivery takes 2-3 weeks. Perfect timing for spring. 

Didymos Blue/White Pfau and Karabik Indio

Blue White Pfau is shipping the week of 3/3 direct from Didymos. Karabik should be shipping that week too. There are a million UPS tracking numbers to sort through, so I promise to sit down and sort through them and find the correct tracking so I can post here. 

Didymos Hemp India

There are two orders of these on the way. One is from the amazing Birdie's Room and one is from Didymos. We have a large incoming shipment of Didymos wraps that should be here in the next two weeks and hemp India is in that. I am not quite sure when the hemp Indias are shipping from Birdie's Room, but I will text El Jefe and ask her. 

Various Didymos Wraps (Lisca Minos and Smeraldo, Houndstooth, Orient, Mermaid, Double Face Emerald, 3D Checquer)

These will be shipping next week some time. I will post tracking as soon as I have it. 


We have our last batch of our orders arriving next week. Glamour Stars, another round of Diorites, and a few more Ernas. 


Blue/Yellow Linden, Wine Red Swallows, Dark Pink Cats, Olive Cats, Red Cats have all shipped. We do have some Green Silk/Ramie Lindens and some Red Cats in stock right now. We also had another batch of Cotton Indigo Owls arrive. Crazy, right? 

Tracking for Lindens and Swallows: CP144017957PL and CP144017965PL

Flowerelli Gold and Serpentines will also be shipping the week of 3/3

We are still waiting on the arrival of our second quality Dino Funs. Sorry for the delay on this. We did have one first quality size 4 show up. I guess I should nudge El Jefe to put that up in the store. 


We're working on Girasol. Has Girasol always been this popular? It's like they have elves weaving gold in Guatemala. I need to get in on this.



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