Archive BabyHawk: Nobi on Black Mei Tai

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Product Details:
  • Reversible to solid Black
  • Wear on your front, back, or hip (baby does not face out)
  • Fits up to womens size 20/22 or mens XXL
  • LIghtly padded for comfort and durability
  • Straps are 3.75 inches wide 
  • Designed for children 8-40 lbs
  • Machine wash and line dry. 

The modern Mei Tai is borrowed from the ancient Chinese method of babywearing. Traditionally a large square or rectangular piece of cloth, the Mei Tai was secured by tying its four corners together. Today's Mei Tai come in a variety of colors and patterns, offering on-the-go families an excellent, comfortable, and stylish solution for carrying babies and toddlers.


Because the straps of the mei tai tie on, it is almost infinitely adjustable and can be switched easily to different sized users. In a front carry, the shoulder straps are crossed in an “X” on the wearer’s back, which most people find the most comfortable and supportive. When used in a back carry, the wearer can choose to wear the shoulder straps across their chest or backpack style (which most women prefer).


BabyHawk is dedicated to quality carriers that reflect the style of each baby wearer and the creation of jobs in USA. Your new Mei Tai is proudly made in in Oceanside, California with 100% cotton chino twill and 100% quilting quality cotton.