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Archive Natibaby Crane Siroku (hemp blend)


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This is a new design for Natibaby and part of their "Around the World with Natibaby" series. These gorgeous cranes are inspired by the Japanese Tsuru: a symbol of fidelity, good fortune and health.

This is a jacquard weave using purple cotton and white hemp threads

70% cotton

30% hemp

Release Date: 24 May 2013

Cranes is one of the thinner hempies that Nati has been releasing. I have not had a chance to wrap with it yet, but it does feel a tad thinner in hand than previous hemps. It does have that super rough, stiff feeling brand new that many of Nati hemps do have, but I do suspect it will break in to be gloriously soft once after a wash and dry.

Many of us baby our wraps when it comes to washing. Hemp is one fabric that does not need to be overly babied. Hemp is dense and fibrous. It is an incredibly strong, durable fabric. If you want your hemp wraps to be buttery soft, you will need to break down the hemp fibers (because let's face it, that's what breaking in a wrap is--breaking down the fibers). Heat is going to do that. Many people prefer to wash in warm or hot water and tumble dry on warm or high heat. I do dry my hemp on medium heat and then remove it when damp to air dry. A good steam ironing will also help the breaking in process. Hemp is one of the few fibers that can take the heat and hold up remarkably well. You do not need to wash in warm water or do a warm tumble dry to break hemp in, but the heat is going to hasten the process without the typical wear. 

Hemp tends to retain heat, so many people do not prefer to use it during warmer temperatures, or if they do, they prefer to do single layer carries. This is subjective though as some people prefer hemp during the summer.