Archive: Marsupial Mamas Exclusive Natibaby: Zinnia Red (Hemp Blend)

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Take a look at this beauty!

I'm crushing hard on this one!
It's so different than any other Natibaby wrap (and I've had lots and lots of Natis here to compare it too lol) It's got an airier weave to it and kind-of reminds me of Didymos Sycamore Alley.  

75% Cotton

25% Hemp:

Release Date: 5 April 2016

Width: 27"

Weight: 238 g/m2 pre-wash

no breaking in needed...none, not even a steam iron. Just a wash and tumble!

The majority of these are in stock and ready to ship.  

Update, the wraps that were in stock are sold out, the orders will now ship out once the  other part of the shipment arrives in the middle to end of April.