Toto Wraps

Toto Wraps was started by a mother in search of a carrier that would best suit her needs to carry her babies in the most comfy, beautiful and safest way .

Named 'Toto' which is a Kiswahili  word that means a baby 
thus Toto wrap=Baby Wrap.
It has been a process, starting from wearing babies in a leso/khanga(the African style),gradually sampling and testing out various  Stretchy wraps,slings and later the Non stretchy Woven Kikoy wraps.
Now as a  family run  business, they are focused and consistently motivated on sharing info on the benefits of correct positioning and Safe baby wearing within their sphere. 
It is their Mission to introduce and educate more mothers on the same.
Whenever you purchase a Toto wraps/sling baby carrier, you support a Small time Business, which in return contributes to providing a decent job to a community of supportive mothers. Thereby enabling them to keep many families together.
Proudly made in Kenya~Africa

You will find more information about the company here and more information about the wraps here on our blog

100% combed cotton machine spun Kikoy