Bargain Bin: Toto Wraps: Kikoy (4.6 Meters)

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 In this collection you will find our Bargain Bin selection. These wraps have either a flaw (ex: pull, broken thread, or un-even hem line). These wraps are safe for wearing your baby. Or they have no issues at all but have been washed and used as photo samples. Others have been customer returns for just no issue other then not what they were hoping. Some we just found hiding out and they need a new home. Please note that these wraps are all FINAL sale. There will be no returns, no exchanges and no store credit given. We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us.

Toto Wraps are a new line that we are carrying here at Marsupial Mamas.

Toto Wraps are beautiful woven wraps made in Kenya.

The Kikoy wraps are thin, lightweight, mold extremely well, are soft and very supportive.  They really remind me a lot of the Hoppediz Light wovens.

You will find more information about the company here and more information about the wraps here on our blog

100% combed cotton machine spun Kikoy