Archive: Baby-Doo Herba (100% Cotton) Size Medium (4.4 Meters)

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Baby-Doo woven wraps are made of 100% combed cotton, a technique used to strip the cotton of any impurities by combing and teasing so only the strongest, purest, and softest fibers are utilized for weaving. The results are an incredibly soft feel right out of the package, perfect for newborns and little babies. An exclusive diamond-like weave adds a unique density to the wrap, making it sturdy enough for carrying toddlers, too! Best of all, BabyDoo®’s gorgeous and vibrant colors are sure to capture not just your hearts but also the beauty that babywearing brings.

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Fresh earthy greens and muted browns transport you to a lush and peaceful garden. (Weft: Crème)

100% Cotton