Archive: BabyMonkey: King of Pumpkins Licorice (100% Cotton)

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Haunted houses, bats, owls, ghosts and more!

100% Cotton

Weight: 250 g/m2

BabyMonkey slings have a diagonal twist of the fabric and a  67cm width, allowing you to surround your baby in the best way. The diagonal weft inverted in the middle is a unique and innovative feature of BabyMonkey which improves the symmetry of the sling, allowing a perfect distribution of the baby’s weight. Soft, comfortable and robust, they are suitable for both newborn babies and older/heavier children. 100% made of natural fibres, they are characterized by jacquard decorated patterns.

Design, weaving and tailoring: the production process of BabyMonkey slings is 100Baby Moneky Cottonbaby% made in Italy.