Archive: BabyMonkey: Shade Collection Plumage Serenity (100% Cotton)

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100% Cotton

BabyMonkey “Shade Collection” is a line characterized by an innovative gradual weight. It has been designed to get the best features also with older children, so that you don't need to switch over to a sling with mixed composition. 

After the ordinary use, the slings become softer and softer, fitting even the youngest children.
They're made of 100% cotton and their design shows gentle nuances with several shades (pink, light blue, purple, blue, red, yellow...) conceived to fit every style!

The main innovative characteristic of this collection is thegradual weight.
In its central portion, each sling has a 300g/m^2 grammage, which fades out to the edges, reaching a 250 g/m^2 grammage.
To better support your child's weight, even with asymmetrical bindings, the high grammage is spread out for a length of up to 150 cm. 
The lower grammage at the edges allows you to get a less voluminous knob and to easily hang the cloth on your shoulders.

All BabyMonkey slings have a diagonal twist of the fabric and a  67cm width,  allowing you to surround your baby in the best way. The diagonal weft inverted in the middle is a unique and innovative feature of BabyMonkey which improves the symmetry of the sling, allowing a perfect distribution of the baby’s weight. Soft, comfortable and robust, they are suitable for both newborn babies and older/heavier children. 100% made of natural fibres, they are characterized by jacquard decorated patterns.


Design, weaving and tailoring: the production process of BabyMonkey slings is 100Baby Moneky Cottonbaby% made in Italy.