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BBSlen Tri-Cotti Poppy Red


The TRI-COTTI lets you carry your baby in both cradle and upright positions. Because it simply consists of two fabric loops,it's very easy to use; no tying and no buckles or clasps.

Jersey Knit 100% Organic Cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Made in the Netherlands

3 sizes: Small - Medium - Large

Choosing a Size
The correct sling size is not determined by your baby size. As your child grows, the fabric will stretch, so the TRI-COTTI will always fit. Simply use your own clothes size to determine the sling size required

  • S = women's size 2,4,6
  • M = women's size 8, 10
  • L = women's size 12, 14

Note: after use, the material will stretch by about 2 inches.


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