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Didymos Lisca Minos (Cotton Blend) Dolly Sling


In order to celebrate their 40 year anniversary, Didymos has revived some of their older patterns and weaves. The Lisca (herringbone) pattern is one of those and it is gorgeous. 

This is a twill weave wove in anthracite grey, turquoise blue, and cyclamen pink threads. It is quite sophisticated and elegant looking.

100% organic cotton

Weight: 185 gm/m2

Release Date: 20 October 2012

This was initially released at the Kind + Jugend fair 2012.

Herringbone is actually a variation of the twill weave where the twill is reversed at regular intervals. This reversal creates the classic "herringbone" or zig-zag pattern. 

This is a thinner wrap with a tad more stretch than I am used to in twill weaves. When I ordered Arancia when they were first released, I was skeptical. The pattern was boring and its thinness meant that it would not be a popular wrap. However, once the Arancia arrived, I was more than pleasantly surprised. In the swatch, the pattern had looked flat, but in real life, it is actually quite textured. The wrap does have more stretch to it than a regular twill weave, but the texture of the herringbone offers a nice balance to the stretchiness. I should clarify here that this wrap is in no way stretchy like a Moby or Sleepy Wrap--it just has a bit more bounce than some of the other Didy twill weaves. 

Despite its thinness, it offers fairly good support. I can wear my toddler in a multi-layer carry with no problems. It is almost like the extra texture of the herringbone provides some extra support and cush. This is one wrap that I have delayed washing because I so enjoy using it straight out of the box

We currently carry wrap conversion ring slings of this wrap in our store. The slings are manufactured by Didymos and have two options for the shoulder: pleated or gathered. They are sized at 1 (1-7-1.8 meters) and 2 (2.0-2.1 meters) along the short edge of the taper. Sizing and shoulder are listed in the drop down menu below.

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