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Archive: Danu Slings Enigma Beaufort (Irish Linen Blend) Size 6 (4.6 Meters)

Danu Slings

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The Enigma Series, Beaufort is the first of Danu's series paying homage to the great scientific minds who have come out of Ireland.

Named after Sir Francis Beaufort, responsible for The Beaufort Scale which is still used today as method of measuring wind speeds.
In a dazzling red, the colour denoting hurricane force on The Beaufort Scale, this wrap combines Irish linen and cotton to make a
wonderfully comfortable and secure woven wrap, becoming even softer with use. Danu Slings have no wrong side, both are equally stunning and are suitable for babies and toddlers!

62% Irish Linen

38% Cotton

This should break in to be soft and buttery. A wash in warm water, a fluff dry on low heat and a good steam iron should be enough to take away the initial stiffness.

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