Archive: Danu Slings Lissadell- Markievicz (Irish Linen Blend) Size 5 (4.2 Meters)

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"The light of evening, Lissadell,
Great windows open to the south,
Two girls in silk kimonos, both
Beautiful, one a gazelle.
But a raving autumn shears
Blossom from the summer's wreath"

Lissadell - Markievicz, an elegant beauty combining strength of blend and delicate detail of weave suitable for newborns and toddlers alike
Danu Slings has no wrong side both are equally as stunning

57% Irish Linen
43% Cotton

Weight: 278 g/m2

This should break in to be soft and buttery. A wash in warm water, a fluff dry on low heat and a good steam iron should be enough to take away the initial stiffness.