Archive: Danu Slings Sky Songs Evening Cometh (Irish Linen Blend) Size 6 (4.6 Meters)

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Sky Songs, Evening Cometh s the second of the hugely popular Sky Songs print in gorgeous shades of Purple.  It is a stunning Irish Linen/Cotton blend fabric with incredible texture and shimmer, the exquisite detail in the birds is simply beautiful. Danu Slings have no wrong side, both are as stunning as each other

This wrap is suitable for newborns and toddlers, the blend offers excellent support and comfort, softening with use.

55% Irish Linen

45% Cotton

Weight: 302 g/m2

This should break in to be soft and buttery. A wash in warm water, a fluff dry on low heat and a good steam iron should be enough to take away the initial stiffness.