Archive: Diva Milano Etna Notta (Silk)

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Diva Milano Etna with Silk: Notte is one of the models of the new autumn/winter 2014 collection, made from cotton/silk blend (60% Egyptian cotton, 40% pure natural silk). 

The wrap is amazingly soft right from the box, it is shiny due to pure natural silk in the weft, but not thin and has a very good support. It is equally ideal for a newborn and for a toddler. Surface density is 290 g/m2 due to a thickened warp.

Only Egyptian cotton is used in production of Diva Milano wraps. This is the finest and most expensive type of cotton with extra-long staples, usually produced by luxury brands' bed linen and clothes, often mixed with silk. This cotton plant produces long, thin fibers that won't pill. Threads are light but strong, silky and soft. With proper care, baby wraps from Egyptian cotton will last several decades, which justifies a higher price tag.