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Archive: Fidella Mei Tai Rock N Rolla Pink Splash-New Size


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Another great and rocking addition to Fidella's Rock N Rolla design. Introducing Fidella Rock N Rolla Pink Slash.

The pattern on this babywrap shows the classic elements of rock which include guitars, plectrums and the legendary metal-fingers "Mano cornuta".

But it doesn't matter if it's for men or women - Everyone can rock our rocking Fidella wrap. You will fall in love with the music and start dancing with your loved ones. Can?t you feel the rhythm already?

The new color combination made of black and pink will make you shine in the cold month of winter but will also be an eye-catcher in summer and spread your good mood.

The new Fidella wrap is woven in the classic weave of 100 % organic cotton and a surface weight of 205 g/m². The classic weave is traditionally light but still stable enough to carry newborns as well as older children. With a width of 80 cm and different edges, that help to distinguish the top from the bottom edge, tying the soft babywraps is made especially easy for beginners. The wrap can be tightened easily. A special goody is the matching bag for your babywrap.

Be surprised by our new design from the London underworld and enjoy the musical atmosphere with your baby.

Let's rock!


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