Archive: Fidella Fusion (Babysized) Persian Paisley Jungle

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We have the Jungle-Fever! Our Fidella Design Persian Paisley -jungle- takes you to the tropic rainforest. Powerful green shades and ornamental pattern bring the jungle to your home.

The Fidella Baby Size Fusion Baby Carrier Persian Paisley -jungle-

The Fidella baby size Fusion is a full-buckle.Thanks to the plug-in principle through buckling putting thebaby carrier on and off is very fast. The adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt make it possible for all clothing sizes from XS, 32 to XXL, 52 to wear the baby carrier. The shoulder straps can be modified between32-90 cm and the waist belt from 55-150 cm. Due to the individual modifications the wrap conversion offers an optimal fitting for the wearer but can be adjusted according to the baby's size as well. The back part can be adjusted at the bridge from 14-39 cm. It should be adjusted to ensure that the bridge reaches from one hollow of the knee to the other.

With the modifications on the back panel you can adjust the baby carrier to the size of your baby. Your sprout should have a pants size of 56-74 cm to be carried in the Fusion baby size. The full-buckle can hold weights of up to 15 kg. In case your baby can sit, you should attach the shoulder straps to the upper buckles on the back panel. If not you should use the lower buckles. The baby carrier is made of our sling fabric. Thesling fabric is produced with the classic jacquard weaving  and has a surface weight of 205 g/m². It is made of 100% organic cotton.

Facts overview of the Fusion Baby Carrier Persian Paisley -jungle-:

  • Useable from birth
  • With a size of 56-74 cm
  • Jacquard weaving -classic-
  • Surface weight of 205 g/m²
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Clothing sizes XS,32 up to XXL, 52
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt modifiable individually
  • Adjustable back panel (26-35 cm)
  • Adjustable bridge (14-39 cm)

Padded leg holes This carrier fulfills the US American safety standards ASTM F2236-14