Archive: Girasol Chococabana Size 5

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The popular Girasol Chococabana is a Wearababy exclusive Girasol design! Chococabana is a yummy combination of lively turquoise and the calming tones of brown. This wrap is a size 5 (4.2 meters) in Girasol Twill weave.

100% Cotton Twill weave

Girasol is handwoven in Guatemala. Because Girasol wraps are handwoven, there might be slight imperfections in the weave, such as small slubs and knots or an occasional weaver's knot.

Quality and fair trade-

All Girasol baby carriers may be washed at 60°C, may be ironed and occasionally – if haste is required – even dried in tumble-driers.

Size 5 (4.2 meters)