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Archive: Girasol Enfys/ Mercurio Diamond


Sold out.

Girasol Enfys Mercurio is another gorgeous Slingomama exclusive that we are excited to have here at Marsupial-Mamas, LLC.  This is the diamond weave.  Girasol Enfys Mercurio is a bright rainbow wrap.  The word Enfys is of Welsh origin and means “rainbow”.

Girasol woven wraps are 100% cotton, and are perfect for snuggling your newborn baby right through to your growing toddler.

Girasol wraps are handwoven in Guatemala with the traditional methods of the Maya Indians.  Pure unbleached cotton is used without any chemicals or finishes.  They can be washed in the washing machine and won’t ever stretch out of shape.  They will shrink a little after the first wash – the size specified refers to the length after the first wash.


**Please view the top wrap in the photo**



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