Archive: Girasol Golden Rainbow (Diamond Weave)

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A lovely rainbow from Girasol in the popular diamond weave. 

This is golden rainbow with a golden yellow weft. 

What is diamond weave and how does it differ from twill weave? 

The diamond weave is made up of several small woven diamonds. It is softer and has more body and drape than the standard twill weaves, which can feel a bit stiff and like cardboard when new. It is also prone to pulls easier since diamond weaves are a bit looser than the standard twill weave. Many people find that the diamond weave provides more support than the twill weave, but I find that the twill weaves are more supportive. This is subjective, so there is no right or wrong answer. It is a matter of preference. One thing is for sure--this is a beauty of a wrap. 

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