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Archive: Going Uppy: Water Sling Midnight Stroll w/ Black rings

Going Uppy

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These {water} ring slings are made with a quick drying, light, breathable & sun protective fabric. It is UPF50+ & blocks more than 98% of the sun’s UV rays. They will have size medium aluminum rings & my standard floating rings shoulder style. Because {water} ring slings are meant to be used while wading in water or strolling along the beach & you do not want a long tail getting in your way, I recommend purchasing a size smaller than you normally would order.



S - approximately 70"
M - approximately 75"
Any average sized person can wear a S, M, or L ring sling with any size child (8-35 pounds). The only difference will be how long the “tail” is. I am 5’5” & a S tail hangs at my waist, a M tail hangs at my knees, & a L tail hangs at my lower calf. A sling that is too long can possibly trip you, causing harm to you or your baby. You can wrap the tail around the rings to take up some extra length & keep yourself from tripping. A sling that is too short can potentially slip through the rings too easily & cause harm to your baby. If the tail is less than 10-12″ from the rings when threaded I would recommend getting a larger size.


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