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Archive: KoKaDi Ahoi (100% Cotton)


Sold out.

Who doesn't love Ahoi? It is a super fun and whimsical wrap. We love it on our house. 
This is a jacquard weave woven in red, white, and blue threads. 
Fabric: 100% cotton
Colors: Red, White and Blue
Lightweight, yet supportive. Ahoi is soft brand new and will take very little to break it in. 
All Kokadis undergo quality control when they are received at MM HQ. And flawed wraps are pulled and placed in the wrap closet and marked as seconds. All wraps receive another once over before being sent out to customers. We check for large and obvious flaws. We do not consider weaver's knots, loose threads or slubs/nubs to be a flaws. 


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