Archive: KoKadi Zebra Seaside (100% cotton) Size 6 (4.6 Meters)

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With our kokadi Zebra Seaside, we bring the ocean to you; with a wild twist.
Bold blue, tantilizing turquoise, and powerful purple were splashed with black stripes to create this beautiful fusion baby wrap.

Thanks to the strong weaving, the weight of the wrap is perfect for heavier children.

Woven with blue, turquoise, purple and black colored threads.
Blend: 100% Cotton
Weight: 240 g/m2
The kokadi Avantgarde line represents a new type of wrap designs: conspicuous and extraordinary adorn these kokadi wraps mums and dads. The Avantarde wraps are pure fashion - and through the fine woven structure they provide a feeling of security for your child
The wraps are thin woven, incredibly grippy and stable, but at the same time easy to bind and very soft characterized so they will be loved by both: newborns as well as older children.