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Archive: KoKadi Elyas Mother (100% Cotton)


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This baby wrap is special due to its unique design and beautiful color combination.  But there is even more: Elyas Mother is an homage to all mothers and a very personal wrap in the Kokadi-collection since the company founder Ceyda herself named this new baby wrap after her new-born baby. So this Kokadi design shows the love and the strength which unites all of us as mothers. There is nothing more intimate and original than the close relationship between a mother and her child – as babywearing is itself!

Fabric: 100% cotton, bonded weave

Weight: 225 g / m m²

From KoKadi page in regards to Bonded weave:

Bonded weave

The Bonded (connected) is a brand new weave on the Sling market. This was specially developed by the Kokadi. The benefits: Sling fabrics that overlap. The special advantage is that the woven layers are only connected to one another at the points where the Patterns were woven. The colors of the pattern and the primary colors of wrap are so very clear and beautiful. The wrap layers are much thinner. The wrap is incredibly firm, but soft and cuddly - perfect for carrying larger children. The fabric is diagonal flexible and well suited for Wrapping beginners. Through the two fabric layers any unevenness in binding is balanced."





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