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Archive: KoKadi Mystic Heart tree Size 4 (3.6 Meters)


Sold out.

Give roots to your little kids,

and when they have grown up give them wings to fly.

A beautiful designed baby wrap that combines love and security. Your baby will feel safe and enjoy the time together with you.

material: 100 % cotton

color: anthracite / turquoise / purple

weight: 250 g/m²

weaving: cross bonded weaving / jacquard

All kokadi products are based on design, sustainability, trust and competence. Our philosopy is to combine ecological and socio-economic values with the current zeitgeist. Besides the many positive effects of babywearing, our product features are real eye catchers.

Our carriers and wraps are made from certified organic cotton yarn Our raw organic cotton is sourced in Turkey. We are proud of cotton production with natural pest control and natural plant fertilizers. No herbicides and pesticides are used. All cotton is carefully harvested by hand.
Turkey is highly recognized in the textile industry worldwide. The social and environmental working conditions are particularly important to us.

GOTS - kokadi wraps are GOTS certified. The GOTS certificate ensures that no harmful chemicals are used throughout the entire production and finishing process of natural textiles. Organic and non-organic fibres are not mixed and therefore organic fibres cannot be contaminated. All selected dyes and auxiliary means are harmless. Finishing is not achieved


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