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Archive: Kokadi Nils Im Wunderland (Cashmere and Modal Blend)


Sold out.

Another delightful Wunderland release, this time in spring green and white. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in spring green and ecru threads. 

50% Organic Cotton

45% Beechwood Modal

5%   Cashmere

Release Date: January. 19, 2014

No official weight yet

What is beechwood modal? 

Beechwood modal sheets are quite popular because they become increasingly soft with use. What exactly is beechwood modal? Modal is a very fine and soft fiber made from beech trees. Wood from beech trees is turned into a pulp, fiber is then extracted from that pulp, and then the fiber is reconstituted such that it can be spun into thread. Modal fibers are know for their smoothness and softness. By blending them with cotton, it ensures that the colors remain vibrant and soft, even after many washes and much use. 

This wrap is most likely going to be incredibly soft and cuddly, particularly with cashmere thrown into the blend. 

KKD wraps undergo quality control when they arrive here at MM and before they are processed for shipment as well. 

Because this wrap has cashmere in it (even though it is such a low percentage), I would still treat it with care when washing. Cashmere wraps require a bit more care than linen or cotton blends. The primary concern with cashmere is to avoid felting it, which can weaken the fabric and potentially make it unsafe for use. To avoid this, gently hand wash your cashmere wraps with a wool wash without lanolin. To remove excess water after washing, lay the wrap flat in a large towel and then roll the towel up to soak up excess water. Air dry your woolie, but make sure to give it support while it is drying (I spread our woolies out over our drying racks or hang dry hanging the wrap over hangers at regular intervals) 




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