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Archive: Natibaby Blue White Swallows (Silk Blend)


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Natibaby's swallows are a classic Nati pattern and it is arguably the first highly sought after Nati pattern This is a second run of blue white swallows that was released in January 2013. It is slightly different than the original in that the blue is a much brighter blue instead of soft and subtle like the original. This is the same blue that is used in blue white wool deer.

This is a jacquard weave woven with blue and white threads

70% cotton

30% silk

Release date: January 2013.

Natibaby silk is known for being fairly dense and thick. Out of the package, it can be bulky and awkward with which to wrap. But after breaking in, Nati silk wraps tend to be marshmallowy soft. Because of their thickness, Nati silk blend wraps offer good support for heavier babies and toddlers. 

This is second run of swallows and it is a touch thinner than the first run. It is still a thick wrap. As with the first run, it breaks in to be cuddly soft and amazing with which to wrap. These wraps smell strongly of silk. It doesn't bother me (I actually sort of like the smell of silk), but some people are quite sensitive to it. If this is the case, I find that if you can air the wrap out for a couple of days, the smell does dissipate a bit.

Silk does require gentle care. It should be handwashed in cool water or on your washing machine's delicate or silk cycle. Silk wraps should be hung to dry. To fluff them up, you can put them in the dryer and tumble on a no heat setting for 5 minutes.










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