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Archive: Natibaby Clovers Eosin (Linen Blend)


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Playful clovers gently sway across the background of this wrap. It calls to mind the smell of fresh cut grass, the lengthening twilight of spring days, and reminds one of the sun's warmth on a chilly winter's day. This is another fab Clovers release. The grey and pink are so incredibly chic and retro. They are just amazing. The word Eosin is a derivative of the Greek work "Eos," which translates to "Dawn." I can think of no better name for this colorway. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in pink and anthracite grey threads 

70% cotton

30% linen

Weight: 225 gm/m2 for a size 6

Release date: 30 July 2013

Natibaby linen is known for being thick and rather unwieldy brand new, but it should break in to be a wonderfully soft, thick wrap.  It does take some work to break in the thicker linen wraps, but it is well worth the effort. Natibaby linen wraps are known for becoming buttery soft, but providing amazing support for toddlers and big kids.  

This should be a medium weight Nati wrap. Probably much thinner than standard Nati linen wraps, but still thick, if that makes sense. Clovers Chalcedony is a bit on the thin side and it looks like Eosin is going to be a bit thicker. 

Ring slings are standard Natibaby ring slings with pleated shoulders. 



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