Archive: Natibaby Cogwheels Spring (Hemp Blend)

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Are you a fan of Steampunk? Then Natibaby's Gears is the perfect wrap for you. Interlocking gears churn across the length of this wrap evoking clashing images of anachronistic machines and steam engines. 

The Gears and Cogs pattern are often confused (I know I have done so myself). Cogs have more gears across the body of the wrap. Gears has a larger scale gear, so there are less gears across the body of the wrap.

Cogwheels is very similar to Cogs, maybe a little smaller of a scale.

This is a jacquard weave woven in white and emerald green colored threads.

70% Cotton

30% Hemp

Release Date: 17 April 2014

Many of us baby our wraps when it comes to washing. Hemp is one fabric that does not need to be overly babied. Hemp is dense and fibrous. It is an incredibly strong, durable fabric. 

Many people prefer to wash in warm or hot water and tumble dry on warm or high heat. I do dry my hemp on medium heat and then remove it when damp to air dry. A good steam ironing will also help the breaking in process. 

Please use common sense when washing and drying your hemp wraps. A wash and dry on warm is what we recommend for hemp wraps; please do not throw your hemp wrap in the dryer on the hottest setting and dry it for several hours. Hemp is dense and fibrous, but using excess heat can potentially damage the fibers in your wrap.