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Archive: Natibaby Dandelions Beige (Bamboo Blend)


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The popular Dandelion pattern is back! And it's a cushy bamboo blend!

This is a jacquard weave woven in beige, blue, pink and green colored threads

50% Cotton

50%  Viscose Bamboo

Release Date: 18 June 2014

So, when we have talked about Nati wraps being "thin," it was understood that although the wraps might be "thin" by Nati standards, they are most likely thick by any other wrap brand standard.

However, Nati's recent releases have been definitely thin. It is a completely new departure for Nati and I love the thinner, moldable wraps they have been releasing. My educated guess is that Dandelions Beige is going to be airier and less dense. It should be thin and moldable and I absolutely cannot wait to wrap with it. 

As is typical with Nati's viscose bamboo waps, after a wash and  a few wearings, the bamboo fluffs up and becomes incredibly soft. Many mom and dads gravitate toward Natibaby's bamboo blends for wearing their newborns because the bamboo is so incredibly soft