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Another Dino wrap and this one is just downright fun! As a dear friend pointed out, this wrap calls to mind the beloved children's book, Danny and the Dinosaur. This will be a perfect wrap for wrapping more reluctant toddlers. Who can resist being wrapped in such a fun wrap?

This is a jacquard weave woven in green and black threads

100% cotton 

Release Date: 24 January 2013

Nati cotton tends to be on the the thinner side and moldable. It can sometimes be crunchy and a bit stiff brand new or it can be soft and hardly require any breaking in; it is completely variable on how the cottons feel straight out of the box. However, most the Nati cottons break in to be soft and almost ace bandage-like in their wrapping (this has been my experience, which is subjective)

We currently have two medium (2.0 meters from rings to tail) ring slings in stock. These have the standard Natibaby pleated shoulder.  We are waiting for the rest of the 6s and 7s to process through customs.

As of 2/1, this wrap is in transit from Poland. Expected delivery is in 2 weeks, barring any issues with customs. If shipments are held in customs, it can take an additional 2-3 weeks for their release. Please make note of this when ordering.