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Archive: Natibaby Fairyland Fenny (Linen Blend)


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This is such a whimsical wrap. It is almost like a harbinger of early spring with dainty, tentative flowers pushing their way up through the wet soil, the first busy buzz of bees and the pleasing warmth that comes after the sun breaks through rain clouds. This is the third Fairyland release. The first was an Indigo/Pink colorway and the second was a Red/Pink colorway. These are such gorgeous wraps. They definitely do not receive enough attention. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in bright green and grey colored colored threads.

70% cotton 

30% linen

Release Date: 19 July 2013

Weight: 190 gm/m2

Natibaby linen is known for being thick and rather unwieldy brand new, right? Right? This wrap is seriously light for a Nati: 190 gm/m2 for a szie 6. That is practically unheard of for Nati linen. These remind me of  Natibaby's Serpentine release. Those wraps were thin, lightweight and moldable, but still quite supportive. I absolutely adored them and I cannot wait to wrap my little up in one. 

The ring slings we have in stock are standard Natibaby ring slings with a pleated shoulder and a blunt tail.  



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