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Archive:Natibaby Foggy Elves (Silk/Ramie Blend)


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Oh goodness--another Elves release. Gah--I love this one so much. It reminds me of the Blue Elves (bamboo blend) release in 2009 and the Blue Elves (linen blend) release in 2012, except the blue here looks much brighter than either of those blues. These are extraordinarily playful and just plain whimsical. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in blue and natural colored threads

13% silk

19% ramie

68% cotton

Release Date: 11 July 2013

I have really enjoyed wrapping with the silk/ramie blends released so far this year. They are medium weight, easy with which to wrap, and the ramie cuts the smell and sheen of the silk. They tend to feel a bit dense and flat when brand new, but fluff up to be soft and squishy with breaking in. It offers good support and some cush on the shoulders, although it is not the cushiest wrap I have wrapped with by any means.

What is ramie? Ramie is a flowering plant that is native to eastern Asia. It is commonly known as "China Grass." It has been used in textile production for centuries and has been found in the wrappings of Egyptian mummies (circa 5000-3000 BCE). It is one of the strongest natural fibers available and can be up to 6-8 times stronger than cotton, especially when wet (ramie is unique in that it is one of the rare fibers that is stronger when wet) 

Ramie is most often blended with other fabrics because it increases the strength, absorbency, and dye affinity of the other fabrics in the blend. 

Natibaby silk is known for being fairly dense and thick. Out of the package, it can be bulky and awkward with which to wrap. But after breaking in, Nati silk wraps tend to be marshmallowy soft. Because of their thickness, Nati silk blend wraps tend to offer good support for heavier babies and toddlers.shi