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When I saw this wrap, I was perplexed by its moniker. Fuego? Hmmm....if a wrap is named "Fire," it should be scarlett, orange, tangerine, yellow, red and it should be bright and loud. Not black and grey. However, as I was mumbling to myself about this, the Marsupial Husband pointed out to me that there is a very active volcano in Guatemala named Volcan De Fuego. It is famous for puffing out columns of grey smoke and for having been continuously active for a long, long time. Apparently, we traveled through the small city that clings to the base of the volcano pre-kids. I have no recollection of this, although, to be fair, I have no recollection of a life pre-kids. So,in my musings, I would like to think that this wrap is named in honor of that volcano with its puffing, towering columns of dark grey smoke and ash. And yes, I just romanticized a volcanic eruption.

This is a twill weave woven with thick black, grey, and beigish-grey stripes. 

50% cotton

50% linen

Please note that the linen blend Fuego looks lighter because of the lighter linen weft. 

This is part of Natibaby's standard line. 

Natibaby stripes are a medium-thinnish wrap (depending on the colorway). Fuego is a thinner, linen wrap. It feels pretty stiff brand new, but all it needs is a good wash,dry and iron for it to break in. It's a great starter linen wrap and is easy to take care of. 







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