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Archive: Natibaby "Indiana" (Cotton)


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This is a perfect fall wrap. Thick stripes of red, orange and yellow make for a stunning color combo on Nati's newest 100% cotton stripe release. 

This is a twill weave woven with thick stripes of deep red, orange, and yellow. 

100% cotton

This is part of Natibaby's standard line. 

Natibaby stripes are a medium-thinnish wrap (depending on the colorway). Indiana is a bit breezy and gauzy feeling in hand. It reminds me quite a bit of Brezo in terms of feel and texture.

I like to think of Nati stripes as good beginner wraps, but even long time babywearers enjoy wrapping with them. They tend to be a tad bit crunchy and stiff feeling brand new, but are not super beastly to wrap with right out of the box. A good wash, air dry (or tumble in the dryer on low heat) followed by a steam iron will be more than enough to break them in. Once broken in, they are typically thinner and more moldable with which to wrap. Great for squishes and good for bigger babies and toddlers in multi-layer carries. Nati stripes are also awesome for wrap conversions. 

Ring Slings are standard Natibaby ring slings with a pleated shoulder 







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