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Archive: Natibaby Paissi Burgunde (Cashmere Blend)


Sold out.

Curious about cashmere?  You can find a review on a similar wrap here

Oh my goodness--isn't this lovely? A new Paissi has been released and it is just dreamy.   The rich burgundy and white combined create such an elegant looking wrap.

This is a jacquard weave woven in in burgundy and white threads.

This is the same burgundy color that is in Fumus Burgunde, Swallows Burgunde and Crane Maroon. 

87% Cotton

13% Cashmere

Release date: 25 September 2014

I enjoy the wrapping qualities of wool, especially Natibaby wool wraps

They have a wonderful squishy, cushy feeling to them when wrapped and can become one of the softest wraps around. They definitely don't have a scratchy wool feel to them.

Woolie (Cashmere) wraps require a bit more care than linen or cotton blends. The primary concern with wool is to avoid felting it, which can weaken the fabric and potentially make it unsafe for use. To avoid this, gently hand wash your wool wraps with a wool wash without lanolin. To remove excess water after washing, lay the wrap flat in a large towel and then roll the towel up to soak up excess water. Air dry your woolie, but make sure you give it the support that is needed. I tend to lay flat to dry.


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