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Archive: Natibaby Paissi Rose (Tussah Silk Blend)


Sold out.

Oh my goodness--isn't this lovely? A new Paissi has been released and it is just dreamy.  It very much reminds me of Pancy Silk grey/pink. The pink and grey combined create such an elegant looking wrap.

This is a jacquard weave woven in in pink and dark grey threads.

70% cotton 

30% tussah silk 

Release Date: 18 August 2014

Natibaby wraps with tussah silk have a certain lightness to them which makes them lovely with which to wrap. 

Tussah is often called wild or uncultivated silk. As opposed to cultivated silk, tussah silk is gathered from wild or semi-wild silk worms. The silk filaments are collected from the worm's cocoon after the moth has hatched. There are many varieties and shades of wild silk. As the caterpillars eat a variety of vegetation,  the silk can be anywhere from natural to beige to brownish toned. Tussah silks are wildcrafted and thus may be considered "organically raised." They are naturally tan, and generally are stronger and more resilient than cultivated "white" silks. 
Nati wrap are hit or miss on the silk smell. Sometimes it has that distinctive scent; other times it does not. This wrap smells like silk, so be forewarned if you are sensitive to it. It doesn't bother me (I actually sort of like the smell of silk), but some people are quite sensitive to it. If this is the case, I find that if you can air the wrap out for a couple of days in a room where there is good air flow, the smell does dissipate quite a bit. If you stick it in a closet for a couple of days, chances are the silk smell is going to be there, so make sure it truly airs out. Sometimes the silk scent can linger even after a wash.

Silk does require gentle care. It should be hand washed in cool water or on your washing machine's delicate or silk cycle, although I do strongly recommend hand washing.  Silk wraps should be hung to dry. To fluff them up, you can put them in the dryer and tumble on a no heat setting for 5 minutes.

Please note that Tussah silk wraps can run narrow.  


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