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Archive: Natibaby Quadroses Karmin (100% Cotton)


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Another quadrose release from Natibaby. This is almost the same color as the Quadrose Karmin release back in March 2013, but this is a 100% cotton blend, whereas the March 2013 release was a 70/30 linen blend. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in deep red and ecru colored threads.

100% cotton 


Release Date: 19 August 2013

Nati cotton is actually fairly dense and supportive. Their cotton wraps are quite toddler worthy and offer a fair amount of support. They tend to run wide, which I prefer for wrapping my toddler because it allows for more cush on the shoulders. However, Indigo Owls is not as wide as most Nati cotton wraps. It still makes for a wonderful toddler wrap and is perfectly gender neutral.   

Nati cotton runs the gamut in terms of thickness and moldability. Roses Canina was on the thinner side and quite moldable, whereas turquoise heather cats was quite thick and rather beastly. The cottons tend to be a tad stiff brand new, but one wash, tumble in the dryer, and steam iron is all it needs for breaking in to become silky soft. 


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