Natibaby Red Orange Giraffes (Linen Blend)

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What whimsy! Tall giraffes grace the body of this wrap. Perfect for wrapping reluctant toddlers. What little wouldn't want to snuggle up with playful giraffes? 

This is a jacquard weave woven in red and orange threads 

70% cotton

30% linen

Release Date: 21 January 2013

Natibaby linen is known for being thick and rather unwieldy brand new, but it should break in to be a wonderfully soft, thick wrap.  It does take some work to break in the thicker linen wraps, but it is well worth the effort. Natibaby linen wraps are know for becoming buttery soft, but providing amazing support for toddler and big kids. This should be a solid, workhorse wrap and should be perfect for conversions.

The ring sling we have available is a standard Natibaby ring sling with a pleated shoulder. It is a size small and measures 1.7-1.9 meters from rings to tail. 

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