Archive: Natibaby Rosetta Malna (Merino Wool Blend)

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This is such a light and airy looking wrap. The design is light and playful. A lovely geometric with a hint of whimsy. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in hot pink cotton threads and woolie white threads. LE Wraps Database is listing the thread colors as red and pink, but I have it here in hand and it is definitely pink and white. Such a lovely, bright pink. The contrast is delightful.

70% cotton 

30% merino wool 

Release Date: 25 November 2013 

Ring Slings listed are standard Natibaby ring slings with a pleated shoulder. 

I don't have an official weight on this yet, but this a medium weight merino wool wrap. It's not heavy duty, old school Nati wool, but it is still supportive, lovely Nati wool. Sturdy and reliable. It does not feel super scratchy brand new. It is fairly soft, but a bit stiff with which to wrap; however, it is not crunchy. I washed and dried mine and gave it a gentle iron and wow--it is so soft and marshmallowy. I adore it. 

Woolie wraps require a bit more care than linen or cotton. The primary concern with wool is to avoid felting it, which can weaken the fabric and potentially make it unsafe for use. To avoid this, gently hand wash your wool wraps with a wool wash without lanolin. To remove excess water after washing, lay the wrap flat in a large towel and then roll the towel up to soak up excess water. Air dry your woolie, but make sure to give it support while it is drying (I spread our woolies out over our drying racks or hang the wrap over hangers at regular intervals).

Ring slings in stock are standard Natibaby ring slings with pleated shoulders.