Archive: Natibaby Royal Avian Azure (Cotton)

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I was really excited when Natibaby came out with this design.  I love the peacocks and think it looks great wrapped up. I'm not typically one who gravitates to pink...but honestly,the shade of pink that Nati has been using, is gorgeous.  I bet with the turquoise, it will blend to look purplish on the one side.

I find myself wanting more of this color in my collection.

This is a jacquard weave woven in pink and turquoise blue threads.

100% Cotton

Release Date: 12 December 2013

So, when we have talked about Nati wraps being "thin," it was understood that although the wraps might be "thin" by Nati standards, they are most likely thick by any other wrap brand standard. However, Nati's recent releases have been definitely thin. It is a completely new departure for Nati and I love the thinner, moldable wraps they have been releasing. I'm not sure of the weight on this one yet, but I imagine it will be on the thin to medium side. 

Natibaby cottons typically become super soft and floppy after one wash and tumble.  A wash in warm water and a fluff dry on low heat is all this one will need.


Size 6 - $160

Size 7 - $170